New member of our family , The NovaSeq X Plus !

The NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Systems deliver extraordinary throughput and accuracy to perform data-intensive applications at production scale.
Built on decades of innovation from a trusted partner in genomics, the NovaSeq X series will enable your most ambitious ultra-high-throughput projects. These are our most powerful sequencers yet. Scale your studies with three flow cell types and up to 16 Tb output per run on the dual flow cell NovaSeq X Plus system. Ultra-high-density flow cells and ultra-high-resolution optics enable output of up to 26 billion single reads per flow cell.
The DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform, available onboard or in the cloud, provides award-winning accuracy for rapid, easy-to-use, and efficient genomic data analysis. As integrated into the NovaSeq X series, the DRAGEN platform can run multiple secondary analysis pipelines in parallel. Perform up to four simultaneous applications per flow cell in a single run.

  • Flow Cell Type‡ 1.5B 10B 25B
  • 2 × 50 bp ~165-330 Gb ~1-2 Tb N/A
  • 2 × 100 bp ~330-660 Gb ~2-4 Tb N/A
  • 2 × 150 bp ~500-1000 Gb ~3-6 Tb ~8-16 Tb

We'll Ensure You Always get the Best Results

SZAOMICS deliver higher standards of quality and effectiveness for your analysis.

  • GLP compliant laboratory.
  • SZAOMICS performs QC free of charge with results reported within 24-48 hours.
  • Projects are managed and tracked, sample by sample through Clarity LIMS.
  • High-quality kits and consumables are used (Qiagen, Illumina, Eppendorf, etc . ) in every step of the analysis.
  • Data process on DRAGEN Bio-IT platform v3.9.

Get accurate and reliable analysis results generated via
state-of-the-art equipment

Our core labs, led by experienced staff will be analyzing your biological sample with cutting edge technology.

Bioinfomatics lab

Bioinfomatics lab develops and applies computational methods to analyze and interpret the omics data generated by the other departments. SZAOMICS uses the Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to provide accurate, comprehensive, and efficient analysis.

Next Generation Sequencing Lab

SZAOMICS uses Illumina sequencing which is a highly advanced and widely used technology that enables the rapid and accurate sequencing of DNA and RNA.

Mass Spectrometry Lab

SZAOMICS' state of the art mass spectrometry lab is equipped with the latest instrumentation and staffed with experienced scientists to provide high-quality MS analysis services for a wide range of biological samples.

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